Matthew Suozzo

Software Engineer


I am a NYC-based software engineer interested in systems and software security.

I graduated from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science (Class of ‘15) with a BS in Computer Science.

At Columbia, I worked as a research assistant to doctoral candidate Adam Waksman and Professor Simha Sethumadhavan in the Computer Architecture and Security Technologies Lab. With this group, I co-authored “FANCI: Identification of Stealthy Malicious Logic Using Boolean Functional Analysis,” a paper presented at ACM CCS 2013. This work led to the formation of ChipScan LLC where I held the title of Lead Engineer from 2014 to 2015.

My language background is heavily rooted in Python with significant experience in C, C++, and Java.

In my spare time, I play Ultimate Frisbee, read about consumer technology, and travel.